Sadgill to Stile End Byway, Lake District, Cumbria

In October, stone pitching was installed on a section of BOAT 548016 at Low Sadgill in Longsleddale Parish. This was because there was a rock step on the route by the gate next to the farm (see photo below) which created a problem for some vehicles, occasionally causing them to knock into, and damage, an adjacent stone wall - which anyone who knows the route will recognise as a long-term issue. The pitching has created a more level surface so that vehicles do not have to deviate to the side.

Further up on the hairpins, a large boulder had become dislodged causing people to cut the corner. More stone pitching was required here, along with moving the boulder and making the deviation less desireable.

The road was closed for a week due to the fact a trench had to be dug across the full width of the route and the pitching not ‘locked’ until it was all in place.

The work has now been completed and was partly funded by the Green Lane Association and the TRF.