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Professional Tour Guides–Q&A

Can I join the Green Lane Association as a professional tour guide?

Yes, you can! You can join as a professional tour guide here:

Why is the Green Lane Association contacting professional tour guides?

We are keen to engage with everyone who is passionate about laning, and this includes you guys as the professionals within our community!

As we are sure you are aware our hobby can attract some negative attention, especially when those who partake in it don’t represent laning in a positive light. We feel it is important that those of us who care about our pass time both now and for the future work to help the community to learn, improve, and grow together.

We would love you to help us bring the professional and sustainable side of laning firmly into the public eye – the more positive examples of our hobby that there are the better, and the more members we have the more positive work we can achieve!

What are the benefits of becoming a professional affiliate tothe Green Lane Association?

Affiliation adds credence to your business and reassures your customers that you are committed to sustainable laning both now and for the future. The Green Lane Association is a full member of the Land Access and Recreation Authority (LARA).

You will benefit from access to a wealth of information including our code of conduct, member resources, and Trailwise2 - our exclusive members’ only database of almost 20,000 green roads across England and Wales. TW2 isn’t just a map of locations; it is a live database with member comments, observations, and photographs, as well as important information about known obstructions, restraints, and closures.

Your business will be listed on our main webpage under a new section ‘Tour Guides’. The website gets around 10,000 unique visits per month, and is increasing. We will also list you on our new Facebook Page ‘Green Lane Association Affiliate Tour Guides’.


Month Unique visitors Number of visits Pages Hits
Jan 2021 10,587 16,677 62,304 858,182
Apr 2021 11,140 16,266 60,909 928,192


Affiliation also grants direct access to our UK wide network of representatives for on the ground information, gives your company promotion on our website andsocial media accounts, and you can also send in stories and photos for publication in our bulletin and magazine too!

What do I need to do to work with the Green Lane Association?

You will need to be a current professional affiliate member.

During sign up you must tick to agree you have appropriate insurance cover for guiding, and supply your business trading name.

Agree to adhere to our code of conduct when green laning, and to promote the Association and sustainable laning whenever possible. The Green Lane Association can provide promotional materials on request.

Is there anything else I need to be aware of, or that would be useful to know, as a professional affiliate?

We are not here to tell you how to do your job, but we do expect our professional affiliates to provide their customers with sustainable routes that take into consideration the weather, ground conditions, and local environment, and to make it clear that while a route is legal one day that it may not be the next!

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