North Yorkshire, August 2017

Deadmans Hill

Deadmans Hill is open! Got an email confirming that the TTRO on Deadmans has been lifted as 25 August 2017. The restriction signs will still be in place but are no longer binding, till the council gets time to remove them. This has been a long haul, especially at the start when we were getting nowhere for the first six months. I just like to thank the staff at NYCC for pulling this off and getting it reopened before the TRO deadline.

Old Roman Road

I’ve just had confirmation of a £2k donation from Glass in support of the Lane improvements on the Old Roman Road. This is just above Hawes and runs out of Bainbridge in the North Yorkshire Dales. This will go part way to funding the work to be done next month. The base layer has worn down to the soil structure underneath and could get washed away if not sorted now. As they say, prevention is better than the cure. The rest of the cash is coming from the TRF regions in the area and the local authority.

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