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Myth busters

Many green lanes show very little signs of use, contrary to the media image of convoys of 4x4 destroying the countryside. Sadly this has become popular belief, so much is the power of the press.

Myth busters

Many lanes can take sustained use of rercreational vehciular traffic. Even lanes with a soft surface can take a certain amount of traffic leaving very little evidence of their passing. With a change of attitude and co-operation, we can all co-exist without TROs.

Myth busters

Not all green lanes are tight and narrow. Many have widths of over 40 feet, much like the rest of the minor road network. Just because they escaped being covered in tarmacadem doesn’t make them any different.

Myth busters

Byways are for all classes of user. It is the highest class of right of way and recreational vehicular users should respect all other users. Restricted Byways are for all users except recreational vehicular users, but there are sometimes exceptions to this rule.

Myth busters

The definition of a Byway Open to All Traffic (BOAT) is a highway over which the public have a right of way for vehicular and all other kinds of traffic but which is used by the public mainly for the purposes for which footpaths and bridleways are used.

Myth busters

Many unsealed roads are actually surfaced. This one is a flint track, the flint coming from the surrounding fields. Each parish would have been responsible in the past for the upkeep of their roads. Many still more sustainable than their tarmac cousins.

Can you help us?

Did you used to green lane in the 80s or 90s or early 2000’s? Do you know anyone who did? If so please email our Magazine Editor via our contact page under GLASS Officers. Thanks.

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Our Affiliated Club scheme works as follows...

Payments currently is £37 plus £1 per member over the 37.
The first £37 goes into the regular GLASS funds and any amounts over £37 pounds is put into the GLASS Legal/Fighting Fund. The maximum fee is £250. Min £37

Our expectation of all Affiliated Clubs is that they abide by our code of conduct and promote GLASS.

As you can see the fee for a Club is £1 dearer than one new member. We stick by this price in the hope that Club Members may still join GLASS to gain the full benefits of belonging to GLASS. We ask that Clubs get their members to join in with any local works that are required on lanes (where possible) and that Clubs endeavour to raise funds for our Legal/Fighting Fund or indeed make a donation to it on joining/renewing.

We also request that your members visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/GreenLaneAssociation and like it as well as sharing important messages from us so that they get as much coverage as possible. It is all about getting our message out to the general public to get them onside.

We are all about keeping lanes open, together, throughout the Countryside. This does sometimes cause us to incur large legal costs when taking action against Councils that aren’t doing their duty to keep open and maintain lanes. Some refuse to maintain lanes even with our offers of manpower on the ground.

Depending on the size of your club we have varying numbers of TrailWise, GLASS Website and GLASS Webforum access.

We are trying to get Affiliated clubs to make clear their GLASS Affiliation at Shows and Events with either stickers and/or a banner.

The Green Lane Association is a national, non-competitive club specifically geared towards protecting the character of unsurfaced vehicular rights of way by keeping these ancient roads open to motorised traffic. We attempt to raise the profile of 'green lane' users to local councils and the public in general. To encourage our members to research archival evidence with the aim to uncover 'lost' vehicular highways that have perhaps fallen into disuse or have been wrongly classified, and to protect others that are in danger of being downgraded.


What do GLASS do for Affiliated Clubs?

Our aim is to protect vehicular rights in the countryside.

So, do we exist to provide services (extras) or fight closures?

We think all MPV users of green lanes should have a responsibility to contribute to the fight to keep the lanes open (especially whilst things like Deregulation Bill are going on!). Even that has opened up the possibility of further legislation against our recreation.

We attempt to protect the rights you currently enjoy.

Our members and affiliate members can help us when campaigning, the aim being a unified community fighting as one.

We are a member of LARA (£3k pa): www.laragb.org/pages/members.html

LARA gives us a direct voice to the government (we are the only recreational 4x4 group member)

We have an excellent resource of Reps up and down the county, for local knowledge.

Many reps sit on LAFs (Local Access Forums).

GLASS in a Box


How to improve the offering for Affiliates:

This is an area we want to make improvements in. We welcome your feedback.

Ideas discussed have been:

• Open up conduits of info between clubs

• Get Reps involved

• Recruit volunteers from affiliates 

• An affiliate email list for an elected member club

• Offer reduced rates to individuals if they are members of an Affiliate

• Give a showcase page for Affiliates in the GLASS magazine 

• Better knowledge distribution


We hope you will consider supporting us. 

Please email: our Affiliates Officer


GLASS Achievements



Breckfa Forest way marking on multiuser routes

Wiltshire – large way marking project combining many user groups

Dedicated byways

Permissive byways

Working to create a better network of rights of way

Co-operation with Military Police on an educational project

SPTA Green Lane Good Practice guide leaflet in conjunction with MOD and TRF

Financially supporting (£40k) a court case again Powys who have been using TTROs to avoid their duty of maintenance

Maintenance days across the country

Major support for demos in the Peak Park

Delayed TROs in Peak Park by organising mass objections, protests and speakers at PDNPA meetings

Attendance of reps at public inquiries for BOAT claims

Managed Trailwise and achieved its acceptance by several police authorities

Contributed to positive laning articles in 4x4 mags

Responded to press and TV enquiries and provided press releases. Working to prevent TROs or create options (eg restricted opening in BANES)

Part of a team working to protect our rights on the Deregulation Bill

Working with Police authorities to help educate users

Working on a leaflet with the BBNPA to help educate users

Massive database of info for members on the GLASS website