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Myth busters

Many green lanes show very little signs of use, contrary to the media image of convoys of 4x4 destroying the countryside. Sadly this has become popular belief, so much is the power of the press.

Myth busters

Many lanes can take sustained use of rercreational vehciular traffic. Even lanes with a soft surface can take a certain amount of traffic leaving very little evidence of their passing. With a change of attitude and co-operation, we can all co-exist without TROs.

Myth busters

Not all green lanes are tight and narrow. Many have widths of over 40 feet, much like the rest of the minor road network. Just because they escaped being covered in tarmacadem doesn’t make them any different.

Myth busters

Byways are for all classes of user. It is the highest class of right of way and recreational vehicular users should respect all other users. Restricted Byways are for all users except recreational vehicular users, but there are sometimes exceptions to this rule.

Myth busters

The definition of a Byway Open to All Traffic (BOAT) is a highway over which the public have a right of way for vehicular and all other kinds of traffic but which is used by the public mainly for the purposes for which footpaths and bridleways are used.

Myth busters

Many unsealed roads are actually surfaced. This one is a flint track, the flint coming from the surrounding fields. Each parish would have been responsible in the past for the upkeep of their roads. Many still more sustainable than their tarmac cousins.

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Did you used to green lane in the 80s or 90s or early 2000’s? Do you know anyone who did? If so please email our Magazine Editor via our contact page under GLASS Officers. Thanks.

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There are many who believe that vehicles powered by the internal combustion engine are not suitable for driving on unsurfaced roads and would like to see us banned from driving on them. In order to counter that attitude GLASS aims to improve our public image and be recognised as caring users of the countryside by encouraging sensible behaviour from our members, organising clearance or repair days, offering membership to other vehicular clubs or non-vehicular users, and establishing good PR with the 'media'. We also have to educate the public that certain unsurfaced tracks are actually roads, not paths, and that vehicular status offers greater protection to these roads. We as a club, want to ensure that our members have a reasonable knowledge of rights of way in general and are keen to explore, keep open, and revive forgotten and hidden vehicular rights of way, either by way of pen or vehicle (hopefully both); whilst avoiding issues caused by inappropriate use and self-managing for sustainable enjoyment. By offering club affiliation, we hope that our knowledge will travel further due to an increased audience. If we (you!!) do not contribute to the debate and are not clearly seen to be taking an interest in environmental and other countryside issues, we cannot expect our needs and concerns to be given much recognition.

We understand that small local groups along with special marque groups are the way of the future of clubs in this country, and of course, understand that not everyone can afford to join every club that they want to. Some people may quite understandably have a more general interest in 'the off-road' sector. This is where club affiliation comes into play


Advantages of club affiliation

Club affiliation offers a detailed insight into an area (i.e. 'Green Laning') which your own club possibly only has a little knowledge about, and then probably only locally. Affiliation will give you access to all of the GLASS publications, including its magazine 'Green Lanes' and its bulletins which inform of 'problems' (e.g. possible TROs and voluntary restraints)' 'interest areas' (e.g. lanes that are in need of more use) legislation changes, and other articles of interest to the 4X4 owner. It is through these magazines, and most importantly, the bulletins that GLASS keeps its members informed of what is happening to our rights of way up and down the country. You may also advertise in any of our publications free of charge, either on a club level (i.e. for membership or events) or on a personal level (i.e. classified ads). And any information from any of our publications can be reproduced in your own magazines (as long as GLASS is credited).

The information flows two ways; GLASS responds to authorities consulting at a national level, and will represent your club's views and needs.

Affiliated clubs will also have access to our structure of area reps, who are available to provide help and advice on which routes to drive. GLASS also has an Email forum and a Web forum to which selected members of yours may be subscribed.

An affiliated club member may sign up for access to the GLASS TrailWise "List of Roads" database as part of the affiliated club's allocation.

One member of your committee (or your elected member) will be able to attend the GLASS AGM, they will be able to cast one vote.


What's in it for GLASS?

We would like to be able to use your club name on our stationery (not your logo) - because the Green Lane Association encourages its members to take up an active role in protecting our vehicular rights of way, even if it is just the odd letter of support to a Highway authority or other body, the more powerful voice we will have through representing our affiliate clubs.

We expect all affiliates to adhere to our laner's Code of Conduct. We believe this helps create a responsible image for your club, and for the hobby in general. Importantly, it helps protect the lanes that we all enjoy.

If your club attends any 4X4 shows and has a stand, we would like you to have a small information board advertising GLASS. If you wish, one or two of our members could attend as well to help out.

If you want to play a part in preserving, improving, promoting and driving our right of way network, then club affiliation is right for your club.


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