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No matter where you live in the country every green laner and trail rider has heard of Happy Valley, Carn March Arthur, The Wayfarer and Horseshoe Lane.

These are some of the most iconic green lanes in the UK and over winter GLASS have been forming plans with local authorities, national parks and land owners – now it’s time for action!

Due to those who choose to act outside the responsible green laning community causing damage, coupled with weather and water erosion we need to take steps to bring these important routes back to their former glory.

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A schedule of works is listed below:

Happy Valley

After multiple significant storms and usage at inappropriate times by non- GLASS members, significant stone filling is required on saturated land. Approximately 100 tons of stone will be helicoptered in by Snowdonia National Park Authority, funded by GLASS this project will ensure that the work is carried out to a standard that will be sustainable in poor weather and with continued usage. Happy Valley is currently under voluntary restraint until work is complete.

Carn March Arthur

Similar issues to those on Happy Valley have caused large waterholes to form, these are large enough to sink a 4x4. Working with Snowdonia National Park, GLASS will fund works to fill these with local stone to improve the RoW surface and water drainage. Carn March Arthur is currently under voluntary restraint until work is complete.

The Wayfarer

One of the longest lanes in the UK requires work to repair the sleeper section over boggy land. The railway sleepers used to cross this section have become disturbed over time. This route comes under the remit of both Denbighshire and Wrexham county councils, being SSSI land Natural Resources Wales are also involved in any works in the area. Signage denoting the sensitive nature of the surrounding land will be put in place, work will be carried out to repair the bridge, off piste barriers installed, drainage improved and sleepers replaced. The Wayfarer is currently under voluntary restraint until work is complete.

Horseshoe Lane (also known as The B*stard)

Drainage issues have been highlighted by Natural Resources Wales, as has a littering issue around the steps. Work will be carried out to improve surface drainage which will prevent further water erosion and a clean-up day will be organised to address the littering issue. Signage will be installed by Snowdonia National Park denoting the one way route along this iconic lane. Horseshoe Lane is currently one way, downhill!

We’ll be digging into our fighting fund to complete each project, but the shortfall needs to be covered. Please help by donating using the following link

Many thanks for your support.

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