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The listing is grouped into

Rights of Way legal / technical books
Research how-to and ref books
Engineering road maint and construction books
Old Roads by area
History general books

Here we list some books that may be useful to GLASS members.
You can try to get your library to source them, or try the usual bookshop sources such as Waterstones or Amazon.

See also the Map Room section for cartographic books

For some books we have provided extracts; please bear in mind the copyright issues.

Rights of Way & "technical" books

Author Title & notes ISBN published link to extracts or comments
J.Riddall & J.Trevelyan Rights of Way
A guide to law and practice
the "Blue Book"
1 901184 45 5 3rd ed. 2001
OSS & Ramblers Assoc.

Glen The Law relating to Highways   1883 html
Shelford Law of Highways   1862 html
H.W.Woolrych 'Laws of Ways'
properly titled-
Treatise of the law of ways including highways, turnpike roads and tolls, private rights of way, bridges and ferries with the Law of Prescription Act, and of railways as far as they relate to highways and turnpike roads
sounds useful?
  2nd ed., 1847
William Benning, London

  The Complete Parish Officer
guide to duties & powers of the Surveyor of Highways
  16th ed. 1772
Strahan & Woodfall
extract extract (5.07 MB)
extracts (5Mb)
Jacob New Law Dictionary
a guide to contemporary terms
  5th ed. 1744
9th ed. 1772

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Roads Research books

Author Title & notes ISBN published link to extracts or comments
Tim Stevens Road Research - An Introduction to Rights of Way Evidence.
How to do the research
Susan Taylor What is a Cross-road?
explores the meaning of term over 300 years
0 9530573 0 5 South Pennine Packhorse Trails Trust link
blurb & availability
R.J.P.Kain & Richard Oliver
The Tithe Maps of England & Wales
A Cartographic analysis and county by county catalogue
0 521 44191 9 1995
University of Cambridge

R.J.P.Kain & Hugh C. Prince
The Tithe Surveys of England & Wales
one of the 'Camb. studies in Historical Geography' series
0 521 24681 4 1985
University of Cambridge

W.E. Tate
Domesday of English Enclosure Acts & Awards
'a guide to location of ... awards'

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Author Title & notes ISBN published link to extracts or comments
Australian Road Research Board
Unsealed Roads Manual
modern build & maint
  ARRB link
blurb & availability
John M Morris Earth Roads   1995

Jack Hindson Earth Roads   1983
IT Publications

Collins & Hart Principles of Road Engineering   1936
Thomas Codrington The Maintenance of Macadamised Roads
(pre-tarmac road repair)
  1892 html
Henry Law & Kinnear Clark The Construction of Roads and Streets   1887
Henry Law The Construction of Common Roads   1855

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Old roads & routes

Author Title & notes ISBN published link to extracts or comments
V. Belsey
The Green Lanes of England   1998
Green Books, Totnes

William Taylor
The Military Roads in Scotland 1899863087 1996
House of Lochar

A.R.B. Haldane
The Drove Roads of Scotland 1874744769
1952 rep.1996
Birlinn Ltd

A.R.B. Haldane
New Ways through the Glens 1899863052 1995
House of Lochar

Alan Kind The Old Roads of Britain: Alston Moor, Hartside and Geltsdale   Hodology
Heather Hurley The Old Roads of S. Herefordshire    
Edward Thomas The Icknield Way   1916
Constable & co.

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History books

Author Title & notes ISBN published link to extracts or comments library copy
Theo Barker & Dorian Gerhold The rise and rise of road transport, 1700-1990
(The first chapters give details of the methods, volumes and importance of road haulage before and during the railway era.)
0-521-55773-9 1993
Cambridge University Press
John Copeland Roads and their traffic 1750-1850   1968
David & Charles Ltd
picture excerpt featuring Big Waggons!

Oliver Rackham The History of the Countryside
(The 'Highways' chapter in particular is full of very usful info.)
0-460-04449-4 1986
J M Dent & Sons
J.L. and Barbara Hammond The Village Labourer 1760-1832: A Study in the Government of England before the Reform Bill
(covers impact of inclosure etc.)
n/a 3rd ed. 1920 html html
full text
W.T.Jackman The Development of Transportation in modern England
(more an economic than technical study)
n/a 1916 rep.1962
Cambridge University Press
Sidney & Beatrice Webb The Story of the Kings Highway   1913  
Samuel Smiles The Life of Thomas Telford, Civil Engineer, with an Introductory History of Roads and Travelling in Great Britain. n/a 1867 link
full text e-book version
   (608.54 KB)
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