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through the Looking-GLASS ... the Reference Library !

Welcome to the Green Lane Association reference web library. Unlike most libraries, you may shout and fidget if you wish !

This is an area intended to supply material (or links to it) which may be useful to GLASS members, and also others engaged in Rights of Way work. Some for the use of researchers, those engaged in defending the existing network, and those who wish to help with practical maintenance.

You might also find the Glossary useful.

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oldmap The Map Room - maps, surveying history & other cartographic matters
mud Highway construction & repair - history & techniques of road making and mending
books GLASS's guides - members papers & other resources exploring topics in depth
practical advice on the lanes, in the records office, or on the campaign front - from members to members
books Bibliography - useful books and extracts
scroll History - past things of interest

gavel Legislation - Acts of Parliament - statute law
copper Legislation - Regulations / Statutory Instruments - parliamentary orders which furnish detail for some Acts
books Government - guidance notes & papers
coag logo Countryside Agency - guidance notes, reports & papers
pins logo Planning Inspectorate - guidance notes & papers
justice Case Law - appeal cases which can be used for precedent

oldnews Back issues dept. - copies of magazines and newsletters
books Consultation Responses - GLASS output to the wider world
books GLASS internal documents - policies, officer's job descriptions, info sheets, forms etc. How our association runs
trunk GLASS internal minutes - committee & AGM minutes and associated.
books Wayfinder documentation - on the live lanes database and future development

The technical stuff

The library contains many links to off-site resources; identified by thelink icon usually. GLASS has no control over the content of such websites

getacro Please note that many documents are in PDF format ; represented by the pdficon.
These can be read on any PC or MAC by downloading (for free!) the Acrobat Reader from Adobe. See also the Access Adobe site for more accessibility options

msofficeSome documents are in Microsoft Word format ; represented by thedocicon.
If you don't have Word or MS Office , you can obtain a free Word viewer from Microsoft

Some documents are in HTML webpage format, represented by thehtmicon, and should be viewable in Explorer, Netscape, or other browser.

A few documents are in simple ASCII text format or RTF Rich Text format, represented thustext

Where GLASS supports the use of a particular software product it does so on the basis that the individual user has obtained the correct licence for that software.

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