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the National Parks & Access to the Countryside Act 1949  (c.97)

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50.   Private street works.

  Where apart from the provisions of section forty-seven of this Act a public path in existence at the passing of this Act would, for the purposes of any of the following enactments, that is to say -
(a) section one hundred and fifty of the Public Health Act, 1875, or
(b) the Private Street Works Act, 1892, or
(c) the corresponding provisions of any other Act (including a local Act),
be a street, or part of a street, not being a Highway repairable by the inhabitants at large, nothing in the said section shall prevent a local authority carrying out, or requiring the carrying out of, work under any of the said enactments or recovering expenses thereof.

this section REPEALED by ;
Highways Act 1959 sched.25
London Government Act 1963 sched.6

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