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Chapel Gate TRO Closure - updated 6-11-11 PDF Print E-mail
On 31st August 2011 an 18 month so called Experimental Traffic Order (we would say ETRO) came into effect, barring motorised vehicles.

   The order was made on 10th August and the process allows for a legal change to how the order was made, within six weeks. A legal challenge has been submitted by the TRF to the High Court and PDNP are considering their response. They have asked for and been granted an extension of the 28th October deadline, but I don't know the length of the extension.

   The order itself stipulates that within the first six months (February 2012) reasons may be submitted to PDNP as to why the TRO should not be made permanent at the end of the 18 month experiment. In other words one has to draw a conclusion about the experiment when it is only one third of the way through. Unfortunately this nonsense is written into the law.

   Details can be viewed here 

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