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Gorbeck Road, Yorkshire Dales Consultation PDF Print E-mail

GLASS member Mark Dale sits on the Yorkshire Dales Green Lanes Advisory Group (YDGLAG) as a 4x4 rep, and live in Settle, very close to the lanes and has provided this information from a recent meeting.

The Park are looking to TRO Gorbeck road again, and as is shown below, we need to put our consultation in ...

Dear all

As agreed at yesterday’s meeting, please find below the current opinions held with regard to the management of Gorbeck Road. Clearly there was a lot of discussion about a number of issues which will appear in the minutes, but I am not going to try and record them here.

Advice for Gorbeck Road
All agreed that this route does need to be managed with regard to motor vehicular use.
Three members of the group believed that a full Traffic Regulation Order was needed.
One member thought Voluntary Restraint should be tried, followed by a seasonal Traffic Regulation Order if this was not successful.
The three members representing motor vehicular users have not had time to consult with the people they represent. They will now do this and the results will be circulated. At that point we will see if we can move closer to a consensus decision.

The advice of the Green Lanes Advisory Group will be reported to the Access Committee meeting on 14 January 2010, and papers for this meeting will need to have been finalised by 18 December, so I am afraid time is tight.
End Quote

A copy of the report is hosted here

We will need a good response, so some input from LARA, etc would be good .... the TRF rep on the group is consulting with the bikers ...

Input Please

Mark Dale

(We need to put a full report in as to how it can be managed, or else it will be closed again.)

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